Who said a wall needs to be one color? We can do multi colored accent walls, diamonds, stripes or checker patterns. You've seen them in model homes, now you can see them in yours!

Paint Party Events

Whether you are entertaining guests at home for a birthday, bridal shower or at work promoting your business, a paint party is fun for all ages and groups of 6 or more. I'm mobile.


We can paint interior and exterior murals for your home or business. We can also do temporary splashes for various holidays or events on your business storefront windows.

Art for All

Home and business would be a whole lot more plain if it weren't for the addition of art. Art comes in all forms, from decorative furnishings to traditional framed pieces. But what about those bigger paintings you've seen but really don't know who did them? Now you know someone who does.

I'm Christina aka "Ker" Garcia who resides in the Foothill communities of Southern California. I have a love for painting that began at a young age. I started out painting small keepsake boxes to sell at family run home boutiques and eventually painted my own bedroom as a teenager. I grew up in the Real Estate industry with my family who invested in fixer upper houses and I had more chances to paint rooms! Eventually friends started to see my work and ask me to do their homes and business' accent walls and murals. So I decided to turn it into a business and offer it to more people and here we are today.

Tell me your ideas and I'll help you make them a reality.

Outdoor wall mural for a swim business in San Dimas, CA
Outdoor wall mural for a swim business in San Dimas, CA

Next Steps...

If you'd like to know more about the services I offer and a free quote on your art ideas, please call or email me today!